Whether you’re a car owner looking for premium synthetic lubricants, a business owner wanting to add a successful product line to your shelves, a fleet owner trying to cut your operating expenses, or an industrial operator looking to extend the service life of your expensive machinery, we think you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

You Can Now Purchase BOSCH Premium Automotive Products and Hastings Premium Filters From AMSOIL

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Ten Reasons to Switch to AMSOIL

  • Offers the latest technology for today’s engines.
  • Dramatically extends oil change intervals.
  • Less oil used with extended drains means less oil disposed, thus helping to preserve the environment
  • Increases fuel economy as much as 2 – 5%.
  • Reduces engine temperatures by as much as 25 degrees F.
  • Provides dependable extreme cold start protection.
  • Offers the world’s finest engine and oil filtration.
  • Reduces oil consumption and harmful emissions.
  • Provides state-of-the-art additive systems and base oil stocks.
  • Provides the most comprehensive and knowledgeable staff in the industry to answer your questions.

Extended drains have been proven safe for over 25 years and millions of miles of testing. Don’t be fooled. Thousands of motorists extend their oil change intervals while still maintaining superior engine protection, enhanced performance and increased fuel economy.

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